Only 1 week left for applications!!!

2014-05-19 12:28

Information of IDEA 2014

  • Eligibility:undergraduate students & graduates students from all over the world!
  • Time:Aug 24th- Aug 31st ,2014 (Aug 24 and Aug 31 for pick-up and see-off)
  • Location:Taipei,Taiwan 
  • Fee: 300 US Dollars(inclding remittance fee, accommodation, meals,insurance and transportation in the camp.Selected delegates should afford their own airline tickets.)
    *If you are selected,please send in 100USD by remittance,which is one-third of the total fee(including remittance fee)to let us know that you are willing to join us. Thank you!

    *For those who are looking for financial aids, we have got a discount of 10% for the air ticket price with China Airlines.The selected delegates can order the tickets via IDEA,and you can check the ticket price on their website ( )in advance by yourself (website price * 0.9 =special price).

Can't wait to meet global friends and explore Taiwan?
We are now accepting applications!
Download the application form from here

Please fill it in and send it to 
before May 25th.(GMT +8:00)
The result will be released on June 5th. (GMT +8:00)
Hope to see you in Taiwan!!!