intercultural discovery and EXChange IN asia

The Intercultural Discovery and Exchange in Asia Project (IDEA Project) is an international program that explores the cultural differences between countries and the diversity of student living at different universities.

Becoming cosmopolitans who are more aware of other parts of the world is one of the most important goals for students nowadays. Understanding and appreciating different cultures is a necessity and the key to building friendships among people from all over the world.

As the most prestigious university of Taiwan, National Taiwan University (NTU) intends, through IDEA Project, to improve multicultural understanding while also introducing Taiwan to the visiting delegates. In this program we invite university students from all over the world, as well as NTU’s own local students, to come together here in Taiwan and NTU. The meeting of Eastern and Western cultures is sure to inspire an unforgettable experience.

By encouraging program participants to share their different cultural experiences, and to explore divergences and values, we hope to promote students’of different cultures and broaden their international horizons.

At the same time, as the host university, we will introduce Taiwanese culture, environment and life to the visiting students through numerous activities. Taiwan is not only dedicated to the preservation of traditional Chinese culture, but to the innovation of it as well by merging and incorporating different elements to develop our own unique, dynamic culture.

During the week in Taiwan, around 40 delegates from all over the world and 26 staff from NTU, Taiwan will live, learn, chat together, weaving unforgettable memories.